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Below are the custom soccer products available to you through your Podiumwear Team Storefront. Fill in all fields, followed by your payment and shipping information. Click here to view the Podiumwear size chart.

Sock Sizing:
S: Womens 5-6, Mens below 6, Youth 12-5
M: Womens 6.5-9.5, Mens 6-8.5
L: Womens 10-12, Mens 9-12
XL Mens 12+

Please note that shipping is included in the package cost. Your order will be shipped directly to you via USPS once production is finished.

Your child’s player number will be assigned by the soccer organization.

There is no final confirmation page after this order form page. All fields are required.

If you have questions, please call Podiumwear at: 651-330-2718. We are happy to help!

Please select your size carefully, each item is made individually so we can not accept returns

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