Case Sudy: Crossniacs - Part 1

For the love of Cyclocross - Part 1

Story & Photos by Aaron Smith

Peter Anderson, Jared Roy and their band of merry 'Crossers are up to something. Something big. And fun. Most likely dirty, as well.

Since starting out locally in 2007, Crossniacs has expanded to over forty members spread across three different 'Syndicates'. A driving force for Cyclocross promotion and support, they've just started sending members overseas to compete where it all began, Belgium. And if World Domination isn't your gig, you'll probably spot a few at your local scene; Beer in their hands, smiles across their faces, fun-loving-heckles spewing forth from their mouths.

Really, just a great bunch of people.

For those of you who haven't heard of Cyclocross, here's what it's all about. Imagine a bike race. Now put that race on gravel, dirt, singletrack, grass, mud and pavement. Add in some things to jump over, the most common being straight-up wooden boards about sixteen inches high. Maybe some stairs. Definitely some off-camber descents. A sand-pit for good measure. Line the course with excitable, eccentric and supportive spectators. Put all your participants on a line and say 'Go.' Maybe a keg or two for good measure and you've got yourself some Cyclocross.

With that in mind, is it any wonder where their name has come from? The Crossniacs and those who participate in one of the faster growing sports on two wheels inspire the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for college football fans. Face painting, chanting, funny costumes - it's all here, and it's all good. It's a cycling sport handcrafted for American audiences, and Minnesota is lucky to be smack dab in the middle of the action.

With this perfect storm of competition, fun and enthusiasm, the Crossniacs are spreading the good news far and wide. We'll have more on their mission, their members and Podiumwear's involvement up next week!

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