Case Study: Crossniacs - Part 2

For the love of Cyclocross - Part 2

Story & Photos by Aaron Smith

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'I have faith that I will outlast the competition long enough to claim the Masters 80+ National Title.'

- Peter Anderson on the Future

Peter Anderson is one of the driving members of the Midwest (read: founding) Syndicate of the Crossniacs. When Mr. Anderson and Mr. Roy embarked on this endeavor, it fell to Peter to craft the image that the Crossniacs would carry as their banner. And Peter is no stranger to creating bicycle brands. Leader of the FPA Design Group, he's worked with multiple local teams on website, kit and brand identity since it's inception in 2005.

Among those he's worked with you'll find local teams like Birchwood Cafe, Shamrocks Racing and the illustrious MCF State Champ Jerseys. All in all, he's designed about 12 local kits under the SISU moniker. In a sport where it's important to stand out in the pack, Peter makes sure his kit designs are not only vibrant, but classy.

The Crossniacs original kit and brand were inspired by the bold graphics of professional Rugby. Nowadays, the Crossniacs are still sporting bold kits, but in a different manner. The arrows leading the eye around the kit as well as making great use of the U-Band style bib short is innovative and gorgeous. And it's always the little details that make or break a cycling kit. The 'Young Till I Die' moniker, subtly placed in a darker blue on top of the lighter blue collar backing is one such detail. It's a kit made for a team that's destined for changing the game.

Peter is one of the 'Behind-The-Scenes' dudes; one of the people who make up the image that is our local cycling world. It's people like Peter and Jared who take their brilliant ideas and run with them, creating new opportunities and races for us all to enjoy.

Come back next week for the final Case Study about the Crossniacs. We'll explore what the future holds for the team and talk about two of their best racers; C.J. Faulkner and Linda Sone.


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