Case Study: Crossniacs - Part 3

For the love of Cyclocross - Part 3

Story & Photos by Aaron Smith

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Every member of the Crossniacs contributes something to the cause of Cyclocross. Their talents are as varied and useful as a regular A-Team - I'm almost certain they have a skilled helicopter pilot in their ranks, but I have no evidence to back this up. Peter with the design, Roy with the marketing, Taylor George with the supplying of his young sons to yell and heckle at the course - everyone has their part. Some parts, however, get a little muddier than others.

Enter C.J. Faulkner and Linda Sone. Every member of the team races, but C.J. and Linda are some of the fastest CX'ers around and represent the Crossniacs at the highest level. C.J. has been with the team since it's inception and has quickly risen to one of the dominant Masters CX'ers in the US. This was solidified last year with a hard fought, 3rd place podium finish at Worlds in Louisville, KY. As far as this year, C.J.'s CX Campaign has started off on a high note and has yet to come down. Winning or helping his teammates to victory (even a couple podium sweeps) has been the standard. He's now on the road competing at major CX races in the country and flying the Crossniacs banner.

Linda is a new addition to the team, but has quickly adopted the Crossniacs has her own. After kicking the season off at Cross Vegas during Interbike, she's come back to dominate the local race scene. She'll accompany Mr. Faulkner and other Crossniacs members to some of the largest races the US has to offer.

With Cyclocross increasing it's popularity in the US every year, CX racing will certainly take a forefront into the minds of racers everywhere. What once was a small dedicated group of individuals has now expanded into a giant, enthusiastic party of roving racers, promoters and spectators across our lovely country. As far as the future of the Crossniacs, it's never looked brighter. When I asked Mr. Peter Anderson what his next big plan was, his response was to promote a USGP level race right here in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

And if the past is any indication, I'm looking forward to being there.

A big thank you to Mr. Peter Anderson, C.J. Faulkner, Linda Sone, Jared Roy and the rest of the Crossniacs for putting up with my questions and allowing me to photograph them on an otherwise worthwhile Sunday evening. Up next: The Banjo Brothers and their Badge Of Righteousness! See you next week. - Aaron


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