Mandatory Product Testing

// MEMO //

TO : The employees of Podiumwear Custom Sports Apparel

FROM : Your Bicycles

DATE : Thursday, May 21st

SUBJECT : Mandatory Overtime

Due to the results of a recent focus group, Thursday evenings going forward will now be designated as 'Employee Product Development Meetings'. These meetings are mandatory and any employee not found square on the saddle of one of us will be reprimanded appropriately.

As has been discussed in previous meetings, riding a bike promotes good health, problem solving skills and overall well being. We've developed a flow-chart which will be sent out shortly informing you of when you should be riding and when you shouldn't (Hint : All Day, Every Day).

Currently we bicycles lack the ability to go out by ourselves and enjoy the fine custom apparel that you produce, and thus rely on your human bipedalness to accomplish this task.

I'm sure in time you'll come to tolerate and maybe even enjoy the Employee Development Meetings, but until that time please remember - you don't have a choice.

Looking forward to this step forward with our synergistic platforms!


Your Bicycles


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