Mr. Smith goes to Atlanta

The 'Mr. Smith...' series is the chronicles of the travels of our Inside Cycling Sales rep, Aaron. Follow along to hear all about his adventures as he takes Podiumwear across the country and meets all sorts of great people.

It's a funny thing how connections are made. It's a big country with a lot of folks to meet, and just one email can set into motion a whole flurry of events that before would never have been considered.

When Ezz at the Spindle sent Jeffrey and the Atlanta Cycling Festival over to us, we were ecstatic! We loved working with the Spindle and knew if Ezz had their back, we should get on board as well. There's a lot of buzz about our neighbor to the West as 'Best Bicycling City', so when I told people around here about Atlanta and their burgeoning bicycle scene it was mostly met with comments about the weather and not the infrastructure.

And yes - it was quite warm. 

But more than that, there is a diverse, enthusiastic and talented group of individuals working together to make Atlanta not only the cycling hub of the Southeast, but the entire United States. Jeffrey Wisard, the man spearheading the efforts of the Atlanta Cycling Festival, has more energy coursing through his veins then just about anyone else I've met. I don't think I ever saw him sit down during the entire weekend I was there - always shaking hands, introducing the next event or riding his bike. 

We worked with the Atlanta Cycling Festival to provide jerseys for the organizers and to help raise funds for the event. Our talented designers created three designs on our Bronze level Jerseys at no extra cost to the organizers. We then created a Team Storefront page for preorders during the event, donating the funds to the ACF's vision. This allowed the ACF to avoid stocking cycling jerseys, but still offer them to the festival goers. 

It's an easy and inexpensive way to offer something different to those who are looking to celebrate and support their local cycling advocates. If you're a local cycling advocate with a vision, take some time to give us a call and see if we'd be a good partner for your vision.


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