The Gravel Grind

Photos: Todd Bauer Images

Riding a bike is inherently a solitary act. Barring extreme cases of being pushed by another, you're the one that turns the pedals and you're the one that keeps the momentum in the right direction.

Although we sell to teams, organizations and groupings larger than one - we design products for the individual, not for the group. Our concern is how you're going to feel and ensuring that it's the same on mile 88 as it is on mile 8. With the rise of gravel events across this great nation (and of course in our own backyard with the Almanzo 100) the importance of good cycling kit has come to the forefront. Cheaply made jerseys designed just to hit a price point feel good out of the box, but rarely can make it for the long haul.

If you're looking to outfit your own personal band of adventure racers, be sure to give us a ring and start your own custom kit order today. With lead times of just 4/5 weeks after artwork and sizes are finalized, we can get these to you this season.

Look good, feel good. Even after miles and miles of the roughest road you've seen.