Jessie Diggins Interview: Thoughts on this year's Seasonal Storefront and the Upcoming Olympics

What inspired you to come up with this year’s designs for the Jessie Diggins/Podiumwear Seasonal Store?  

I wanted the designs this year to be simple but sleek. They all have some red, white and blue elements because it’s an Olympic year and the minimal lines help them look fast! 

Do you have a favorite design or piece?  

I always love the training tights because they’re such fun designs with the cool geometric lines. But this year my favorite suit is the women’s silver, with the bright streaks of blue and red.

You were particularly excited about offering tights again this year.  Why is that such an important piece for you?

Sometimes you don’t need an entire suit, but some tights to go running, skiing and do yoga in. I like having fun tights that make me feel fast when I’m training so I wanted to make sure we had an option for people who need some new training gear as well as new race suits!

We’re including the Jessie Diggins “Over-the-top” socks again in the storefront this year.  Can you tell the story about how they came into existence in the first place and what they mean to you?

I love the relay socks! They have a very special place in my heart. Since 2011, the Women’s US Ski Team has worn these striped socks in all our relay races. Over the years we’ve become known for the socks and every team on the World Cup expects to see the fun stripes come out on relay day. We don’t own the socks either - they belong to the team and get passed around to whomever is racing each relay! They’re a fun addition to our uniform that shows our team spirit and our sense of fun in the sport. 

For me, this has always been a team sport, not about the individual. I have so much fun training and racing alongside my teammates and I wanted everyone back home to be able to have a pair of the special relay socks, too! Whether it’s to wear on race day, to cheer in or just to have a fun reminder of how fun the sport is with your team around you, the socks are meant to share.

Your fans are super excited to cheer you on this Olympic season, how can your fans best show you their support?  

By watching races, going skiing with friends, and following the World Cup adventures on social media - I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated so they can follow along in our team journey!

What are you doing this season to stay focused, excited (not that this is hard for you), and healthy?

What I usually do - it’s not hard for me to be excited for races, but I set specific goals for every race so I know what to focus on during each part of the course. I eat a lot of vitamin C fruits and veggies when possible, and wash my hands A LOT!

Any other thoughts?

I’m really excited for this season, and I hope everyone back home has a great winter and enjoys the new suit designs! 


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