Which Podiumwear Cycling Jersey is Right For Your Team?

Bike jersey fit has a lot to do with personal preference.  While some cyclists are looking for a form fitting racing jersey that can hold up under high mileage training or brutal race conditions, others are just looking for a comfortable jersey for the occasional weekend or charity ride. Most of us fall somewhere in-between. At Podiumwear, our solution is to offer 3 different levels of jerseys – Gold, Silver and Bronze – that together accommodate nearly every body type, performance requirement and price point. We also offer a line of Mountain Bike apparel which includes 4 non-fitted jersey offerings for those who want a more relaxed option.  In short, if you’re looking for a jersey, we’ve got you covered.


1) Newly re-designed for the most serious rider – the Podiumwear GOLD Level Jersey. 

Super lightweight and oh-so-skin-tight


Are you a serious cyclist looking for a correspondingly high-performance jersey? The Gold leveJersey is your new best friend. It boasts two new super lightweight fabrics for more wicking power. In order to take advantage of that, it’s designed fit like a second skin (no extra donuts for you on that coffee ride). New features include longer sleeve length, silicone gripper at the lower back opening, kissing welt zipper construction and a new two-piece collar for extra contour around the neck. 

If you are hovering between sizes, or are holding onto a bit of winter insulation (as we call it in Minnesota), the key things to keep in mind for sizing are your personal preference for fit (snug or a bit loose) and your height.  Sizing bigger will mean a slightly longer fit and sizing smaller will mean a slightly shorter fit.  The innate stretch of the fabric, however, will allow some flexibility in the circumference category.


2) Looking for a jersey that’s breathable, aerodynamic and won’t break the bank? Meet our hard-working SILVER Jersey.

Fast, fitted, breathable and light.


Are you putting in some heavy mileage and want an affordable option for everyday riding? Meet Gold’s laid-back neighbor: our Silver level jersey. Still designed with a slim Euro fit (read: you may still want to skip that extra donut), this jersey looks similar to the Gold with set-in sleeves, angled dump pockets and kissing-welt zipper construction. Unlike the Gold, however, the Silver has a slightly heavier fabric. Soft, fold-over sleeves sit slightly higher on the arm than those of our Gold jersey. The light-weight fabric on the Silver was chosen for its durability and wicking power. While there is some minimal stretch in this jersey, it comes from its construction rather than the content of the fabric. If you’re in-between sizes and your height is not a big factor, we recommend sizing bigger on this one for comfort. 


3) Like casual rides and a relaxed fit? Meet our dependable BRONZE Jersey.

Durable, versatile and comfortable, with a traditional American race fit.


If comfort and functionality had a love child, it would be a good looking Bronze jersey. This is the jersey you invite out to a fun charity ride, or for a weekend cruise on the bike path, maybe for a donut. If you’ve got a bit more girth to cover, or if you just prefer some extra air flow while you’re riding, you’ll love this jersey. The fabric is light-weight and breathable with good wicking properties. Soft tension elastic at the waist and pockets keep things in place without digging in. Keep in mind that the highly durable full-length zipper will factor into your team’s design.  If you are in between sizes and height isn’t a factor for you, we recommend sizing bigger for a more relaxed club fit.

Other Options....

Wearing baggies and shredding dirt? MTB Jerseys may be just right for you.

Lightweight, casual and hard-working on and off the bike.


If you’d rather ditch the spandex for a simplified riding jersey, check out the Podiumwear MTB line which includes short sleeve, long sleeve and two different ¾ length sleeve styles – Gold and Silver. Without dump pockets or a zipper, these jerseys were designed to look more like a t-shirt with the technical performance of a jersey. They are made with lightweight, breathable fabrics with great wicking properties and high durability - perfect for endurance trail riding. Without the bells and whistles of a standard bike jersey, these jerseys work as well off the bike as they do on it.  You can show your team pride by wearing your MTB jersey for just about any activity


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