How to Make a Custom Soccer Jersey Design for Your Club

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When your soccer team hits the field this season, you want your team to look unique and memorable. That’s not going to happen if you get your jerseys from the same cookie cutter, copy-and-paste online soccer jersey design shops as everyone else. If you’re wondering how to make a soccer jersey that will help your team stand apart from the competition, Podiumwear’s custom online design capabilities are exactly what you need.

Whether you know exactly how you want to design your team’s soccer jersey online or you’d like to set up a consultation call with one of our designers, we can help guide you through the process of designing the most unique jersey for your team possible.

Start With a Sketch

When you choose to design your custom soccer jersey with us, we’ll first have you upload any basics you already have figured out, online. Your jersey is a blank canvas. This means you can literally sketch out a design for our team to use as a guide. 

It’s also important to note your team colors, crest, sponsors or mascot — anything you know you want featured on your custom soccer jerseys. If you’ve worked with a designer in the past, make sure to upload any Illustrator files that you want included. How you choose to make your soccer jersey design, and what you choose to feature, will be how your team conveys their identity. 

Bring Inspiration

We want you to bring your vision to our designers when you work with us to design your soccer jersey, and taking inspiration from a professional club or other design you admire is a good start point. 

Whether it’s the zig-zag blue and black stripes of Inter Milan or the famous red, blue and yellow pinstripes of Barcelona, Podiumwear can adapt your favorite professional clubs to spark the design process and take a unique spin on whatever fits your club’s taste. Our fading capabilities also make it possible to resemble Liverpool’s third kit with blue tinted camouflage—and we can even create a paisley design like Manchester City’s third kits. Here’s a great place to get inspired by professional clubs

If you’re not sure what design details you’d like to include, visit our Design Gallery. It’s full of past designs we’ve created, and a great way to see what exactly we’re capable of at Podiumwear. We also create custom cycling jerseys, skiing jerseys and running shirts. You can use all these as inspiration for your custom soccer jersey design. 

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Customization is Key

You might not realize how much you can do design-wise when designing a custom soccer jersey—especially if you’ve been working with the classic custom soccer jersey design online shops. Some teams simply put their names, number, one color and maybe a stripe and call it a day. Our team of designers pride themselves on creating no two jerseys that look alike.

We encourage you to push the envelope. Our in-house designers can integrate as many colors as you want into your jerseys, or include images, names, numbers, special fonts, whatever your team desires! Get wild with fading color designs, prints, and more. You don’t want your team to just win the game, you want them to win with their jersey designs too.

Though there are very few limitations we have when it comes to what you can’t design for your jerseys, one thing our designers tell our clients is to be mindful of where the seams are. Images and words will be distorted if they’re printed over a seam, however we’ll make sure to tell you that beforehand. 

Because we only design and produce jerseys we’re proud of, and that you’ll be proud of, we also offer the option of getting a free mock up online, and 30%-size proofs of fabric with colors or print to get our customer’s approval. 

Colors on your computer may look different from colors when they’re printed, or than you envisioned, which is why it’s important to us to offer the physical sample option. This way you get to feel confident that this jersey design is everything you envisioned, before your team even gets to try the real thing on! If you do choose to receive physical samples, just know timeframes can vary a little.

The Perks of Our Production Process

There are a few processes that are used when actually producing jerseys, but the one we use most is sublimation. It’s undoubtedly the best process for soccer jerseys, for a number of reasons.

Think about sublimation like a tattoo. Instead of printing or stitching your design onto the jersey, sublimation requires ink actually dying the fabric so it’s ultra permanent. We’ll take your custom soccer jersey design from online, and integrate it flawlessly onto the actual  jerseys. 

This means no sticky screen printed crests or sponsor logos. The color won’t fade after the 1st or 50th wash and no embroidered patches falling off. Your players will appreciate sublimation, too. The jersey will remain light no matter the design so they can play their best for a full 90 minutes.  

Your custom soccer jersey design comes as a flat rate. We don't price by color or how many logos are within the jersey design. 

Get Started on Your Soccer Jersey Design Online Today

Now that you’re feeling inspired to begin designing your one-of-a-kind custom soccer jerseys, start your order now! You’ll have so much fun designing your jerseys, you’ll also want to check out the warm up kits and other extras as well. All of our uniforms are hand-stitched right here in St. Paul, MN, and our socks are also made in the USA.

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