Podiumwear Soccer Storefront

Sick of Managing Your Team's Apparel Order?

Our Team Storefront Interface allows you to sit back and relax while we collect and manage your individual team members' contact information, quantities, sizes and credit card payments.

Your Team Storefront portal will be customized with 3D images of your team's design, detailed product information, pricing breakdowns and size charts.

You decide when and how long your team storefront will be open for team members to place their orders, and we do the rest.

See our Team Storefront FAQ and Team Storefront Order Instructions below.

Team Storefront FAQ

What is the Team Storefront?

It is an online storefront created for your team members to place their orders. Individual team members can link to the page, see a 3D representation and details about the Podiumwear products designed for your team, and then place their orders. It allows you (the coach or apparel manager) to sit back and relax while the contact information, quantities, sizes and payments are collected from members. We manage everything, including the credit card payments, for you.  We can even sort, bundle and drop ship the items to each team member if you'd like.

Is it hard to set up?

Nope. It is automatically created once you choose "Team Storefront" from the payment options. Once the design process is finished and your art is approved, all you have to do is send an email with the storefront link to your team members telling them how long the storefront portal will be open.

Can I track my team's orders as they come in?

Yes. A summary of people who've ordered, what products they've ordered and how many will be constantly updated on your order page while the team storefront is open. 

How do I know if the Team Storefront will be the best option for our team?

The Storefront is designed for teams whose members will be paying for their own order in full. If your school, sponsor, or fundraising group will be footing the bill, the storefront is not the best option for you.

When are the Team Storefront orders submitted?

You get to specify the dates that the Team Storefront portal is open. If you do not enter an end date, we will automatically assign one that is 2 weeks from the date the storefront opens. When the end date is reached, the storefront will automatically close and the orders will be sent to production by the system. No further input from you is necessary for this to happen.

Can the storefront be re-opened?

Yes, it can be re-opened a maximum of two more times as a "re-order" so that more orders can be processed. A new link will be assigned each time the storefront is re-opened.

Is there an additional cost to use the Team Storefront?

Storefronts with Bulk Shipping and No Sorting

All garments will be shipped to one location. Garments will be packaged and labelled by type and size.  Team Storefront shoppers pay a $2.00 fee for shipping and handling. 

Storefronts with Bulk Shipping and Individual Sorting/Bundling

All garments will be shipped to one location.  Each player's order will be sorted and bundled for convenient distribution.  Team Storefront shoppers pay a $5.00 fee for shipping and handling.

Storefronts with Individual/Drop Shipping

Orders will be sorted, packaged and shipped directly to your team members for the most convenient distribution possible!  Team Storefront shoppers pay a $10.00 fee for shipping and handling.





Visit our FAQs to learn more about our process, what we offer, timelines for design and completion and more.


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