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Camp Chateaugay Cycling 2019 Team Storefront

This storefront is set up to allow you to receive 1 FREE top per order courtesy of Camp Chateaugay.

You will still have to input your credit card information to process the order.

Jersey Sizing:
For Men's and Women's BRONZE Short Sleeve Jersey refer to the BRONZE size chart. Our size chart can be found directly below this text.

Tank Sizing:
Refer to Women's SILVER size chart when sizing the women's tank.

NOTE: There are NO returns or exchanges. Please review our size chart found directly below this text before placing your order.

Jersey/Tank "Cuts":
Podiumwear's 'Bronze' Short Sleeve Jersey is an American Club Fit, which is very roomy much akin to how most Americans wear a T-shirt.

The Women's 'Silver' Bike Tank is from Podiumwear's 'Silver Line' and is an American RACE Fit, which is a very adhering RACE fit jersey.

Sizing a Jersey:
When sizing a cycling jersey pay most attention to chest measurements (or the widest part of your body above the waistline). This will insure that you have a comfortable gait while out of the saddle. It is important to remember for those who are "on the cusp" of sizing up that when you jam your jersey pockets full of tire levers, tubes, gels/energy bars, cell phone, etc. that the jersey will "cinch" up slightly. When sizing bike shorts the adage is: "When in doubt size down" as it is much far more detrimental to one's comfort on the bike to have too big a bike short than too small.

ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPING TO CAMP CHATEAUGAY and will have each camper's parent's name on the package.

Please call 1-800-930-1081 for customer support.

NOTE: All orders will be shipped directly to Camp Chateaugay for distribution to campers.

This storefront will close on Monday, May 20, 2019 at Midnight CST.

Please Note: Orders ship four weeks from the storefront close date.

Size Charts

Alpine | Cycling | Nordic | Running | Soccer | Ultimate

Women's Silver Bike Tank - Without Bra
$70.00 each

Women's Bronze 3/4 Hidden Zip Jersey
$70.00 each

New 2018 Women's Bronze Shorts
$90.00 each

Men's Bronze 3/4 Hidden Zip Jersey
$70.00 each

Men's Bronze Shorts
$90.00 each

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