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Marshfield Mountain Bike Club - Marshfield Mountain Bike Club NICA WI 2021

Below are the custom products available to you through your Podiumwear Team Storefront. Enter the quantities you would like to purchase for each size, followed by your payment information. There will be a final confirmation page that you can review before payment is charged. For orders with personalizations available, you will be asked to enter that information on the next page.

Face Mask Size Chart The masks fit snugly and won't slide around if you are using them during work-outs. Wear them with pride and show the people in your community that you care about their health. Machine wash before each use.

These are NOT medical-grade masks.

A processing fee of $5.00 will be added to the order total.

Please Note: Orders ship four weeks from the storefront close date.

This storefront will close on Sunday, July 18, 2021 at Midnight CST.

Size Charts

Cycling | Nordic | Running | Soccer | Face Masks

Men's Silver Long Sleeve MTB Jersey
$55.00 each

Men's Silver Short Sleeve MTB Jersey
$45.00 each

Child's MTB Jersey
$35.00 each

New Fit - Women's Bronze Jersey
$68.00 each

New Fit - Men's Bronze Jersey
$68.00 each

Custom One Layer Face Mask
$12.00 each

Women's Afton Pullover
$80.00 each

Women's Bronze Shorts
$95.00 each

Men's Afton Pullover
$80.00 each

Men's Bronze Shorts
$95.00 each

Unisex Slim-Fit Hoodie
$60.00 each

Please select your size carefully, each item is made individually so we can not accept returns

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